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—- Assignment concluded —-

Special thanks to MikiSayaka33: redditGGWiki
Operation: Subject to rapid changes. Check-in often.


  • #ChineseWinter is completely inactive.
  • Response to both Blizzard’s actions and the Hong Kong issue at large are part of more mainstream movements.
  • The latest information will be available on the Blizzard page of the wiki.

Operation #ChineseWinter is our reminder to Activision Blizzard that we are #StillAlive . The censorship of gamers to benefit the People’s Republic of China, is unacceptable. Gamers have long been as familiar as anyone with the sting of censorship. One of our brothers has fallen. Let’s revive him.

Tencent and the Chinese market.

Tencent on WikipediaTencent on Infogalactic

Tencent holds 5% ofActivision Blizzard, acording to . In spite of this Chinese shareholder, the price of damaging it’s global brand may be larger than Activision Blizzard’s profits in the Chinese market. Remind them that we are the bigger market.

Possible Tencent holdings

  • Riot Games (100%)
  • Supercell (84.3%)
  • Grinding Gear Games (80%)
  • Miniclip (>50%)
  • Epic Games (40%)
  • Glu Mobile (14.46%)
  • Activision Blizzard (5%)
  • Ubisoft (5%)
  • Paradox Interactive (5%)
Plan of Action

You’ve been called. #GamerGate #Blizzard #GamersUnite #NotYourShield #BlizzardBoycott If you are seeing this, liberty needs your help.

Vivian reminds you that she is still alive.

This is an awareness campaign. Embrace the power of memetic warfare.

Spread the word on Social media. Change your avatar and your banner to a Chinese flag imposed over your avatar (may change). Post relevant things to the Hashtags in this blog post. Include it in your new art, humor, and your other memes.

Talk about it. With friends family members and coworkers, talk about the chilling effect of censorship and how it effects gaming / sports.

Seek out and sign petitions relevant to the cause.

I’m on Twitter, but you shouldn’t need me. Me on the Internet

Bonus Round: Mainland China

Many of the Chinese people are not enthralled with “SJWs”. They are referred to as “white left” as in political left.

Lets enlighten the Chinese people as to Blizzard’s true nature. We can share their recent past.

Prognosis and likely achievements

Reinstatement would be a complete victory. While we should aim for total success but, it is unlikely to happen.

So why bother at all if we are going to lose? So that when liberty lies weak and weary, those whom seek to rest her from her perch shall know that we gamers never forget. We, alone if need be, shall stand forever vigilant against such oppression. Even in the face of certain defeat, that we may at all times deny our enemy the easy victory.

In the media

Below is media coverage of events. Story is developing, have patience.

NBA story, just in case.
South Park
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